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Casket Hut: Yes we have plus sizes!Crematoriums Feel the Heat From Obesity
Expanding waistlines in the United Kingdom are forcing many crematoriums to enlarge their furnaces to accommodate larger coffins. Most standard furnaces, which fit coffins 16 to 20 inches, are too narrow to fit the wider coffins, which now go up to 40 inches to accommodate bigger bodies.

Vegan Burgers Sell Like Hot Cakes
When meatless burgers made their debut on the lunch menu at Newport Harbor High School in California’s Newport-Mesa Unified School District, they sold out within minutes and left students asking for more. Newport Harbor is the first school in this district to offer vegan options at lunchtime.

Egypt’s Disappearing Frog
The dissection industry in Egypt is taking a massive toll on the Egyptian common frog, a population of amphibians whose numbers are rapidly dwindling. A random survey conducted among students from science fields showed that the average Egyptian student dissects 14 to 17 frogs each year. Estimates show that 1.5 million frogs are collected annually for dissection purposes. About 10 percent of these frogs suffocate to death in storage containers. All of Egypt’s science-related fields require animal dissection.embarassed cow

Poo Dun It?
Federal and California state officials are blaming last year’s nationwide E. coli outbreak in spinach on cattle manure from the Paicines Ranch in San Benito County. Manure from the ranch, which is near a spinach field leased by Mission Organics, was contaminated with E. coli, the main species of bacteria living in the intestinal tracts of animals. Animal intestines are the natural source of E. coli infections.

happy dogIf You’re Happy and You Know It, Wag Your Tail… to the Right
Researchers in Italy report that dogs wag their tails to the right side when they feel fundamentally happy or positive about someone or something. When dogs experience negative or fearful feelings, they wag their tails to the left. Some researchers had argued that only humans show brain asymmetry.

basket ballSlam Dunk Vegan Diet
Atlanta Hawks basketball star Salim Stoudamire traded in his junk-food, meat-based diet for a vegan one last June. Feasting on grilled tofu, quinoa, and plenty of fruits and vegetables, Stoudamire’s new diet gives him the endurance to play hard, and he often leads his team in scoring.

Swiss Company Goes Fish-Free
A Swiss company derives the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from algae instead of fish oil. The company is working with the Food and Drug Administration to gain approval as a new dietary ingredient in the United States. Omega-3 fatty acids are available from many plant sources, and the human body can convert EPA to DHA on its own.

kids watching cereal adNo TV Time for Fruits and Vegetables
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation reports that 40 percent of commercials aimed at children promote unhealthy foods, including candy, snacks, and fast food. Children ages 8 to 12 see the most of these commercials—about 21 per day. The number of television advertisements for healthy fruits and vegetables? Zero.

Vegetarian Diets: Taste Great, Less Expensive
Vegetarians in the Netherlands can now enroll in “VegePolis,” the world’s first discounted health insurance plan for people on a meatless diet. Created by insurers Agis Zorgverzekeringen and Stichting Preventie, the plan operates on the principle that vegetarians are healthier than meat-eaters. The eating habits of these policyholders will be tracked and compared with their carnivorous counterparts.

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