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Burger King Armoured CarBig Burgers, Big Costs
Burger King will soon begin selling an £85 ($166) burger at select locations in London to cater to “high-end” consumers. The burger is rumored to be made of Japanese Wagyu beef; however, the plans to include foie gras were dropped after pressure from the public.

100 Percent Unnatural
A federal judge ordered Tyson Foods to remove advertisements claiming that its chickens were raised “without antibiotics that impact antibiotic resistance in humans.” Two competitors claimed that the ads are misleading because, like them, Tyson Foods injects antibiotics into eggs and uses antibiotics in its feed.

Super Slugger
Milwaukee Brewers all-star Prince Fielder has joined the growing number of professional athletes adopting a vegetarian diet. Fielder, who says he now has improved energy levels, made the switch after reading about factory farms and how animals are processed into food products.

Dollars and Sense
Eating less meat can slim your waistline and fatten your wallet. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a six-ounce serving of beef costs $1.56, but a serving of vegetables costs only 12 cents. The least expensive vegetables include carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes.

Because They’re Worth It
L’Oreal Research created a new test-tube model that eliminates the use of animals in testing sunscreen products. The new model uses human skin cells treated with sunscreen and then exposes the cells to UV rays.

Vegan Bakers Rejoice
To help manufacturers mitigate the rising costs of eggs, Gum Technology is creating a new line of hydrocolloid and stabilizer blends to replace eggs in baked goods. The three different blends can provide the same texture and structure that eggs give to custards, doughs, cookies, and cakes without the fat and cholesterol.

Rodent with rakeRaking It In
Researchers have taught degus, highly social and intelligent rodents from Chile, to use tools. The animals were trained to reach through a fence, grab hold of a tiny rake, and pull a piece of food close enough to reach with their mouths.

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