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Changing Lives in 2007

As The Cancer Project staff looks back on 2007, we see a year filled with more than 2,200 Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Classes in 81 cities nationwide, record-breaking attendance at our annual Cancer and Nutrition Symposium, new webcasts from top researchers available on our website, public service announcements focusing on prevention for kids, and most importantly, a poignant collection of stories that make our work worthwhile, like the one below from Deborah Pace in Indiana. Thank you for supporting another meaningful year at The Cancer Project.

Dear Cancer Project,

When my 34-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in July 2004, her gastroenterologist suspected a genetic link. When DNA testing did not support that theory, he told us it was apparently just “bad luck.”

Chandra Lynne SolivaisSince my daughter’s death in February of this year, I have been trying to figure out why such a young, spirited woman was felled by a disease that is most prevalent in people over 50. My questioning led me to study the link between diet and cancer, and I have now read numerous books on the subject.

When my children were growing up, most of our meals centered on animal products, as mine did growing up. Then, for most of her adult life, my working-mom daughter primarily ate fast food. I will never know if poor diet caused her disease, but authors like T. Colin Campbell and John Robbins certainly make a convincing argument for drawing that conclusion.

Because of what I have learned, I adopted a meatless diet. I sincerely hope my family and friends will heed my warning about the proven connection between animal products and disease and consider changing the way they eat as well.

After Chandra’s long battle with cancer, I wanted to make a donation to help others, but I didn’t want to throw more money at the same research that has been going on for decades while cancer deaths continue to rise. Because of everything I’ve read about the link between diet and disease, I made a donation to The Cancer Project in Chandra’s memory to help the organization educate people about some very simple ways they can take control of their own health.

Thank you to The Cancer Project for taking a stand and doing this important work.

Yours truly, Deborah L. Pace


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