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Breast Cancer Charities Embrace Nonanimal Research

This October, Americans have an exciting development to celebrate during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Forward-thinking breast cancer charities are shifting their focus from animal research to innovative, human-centered research.

Since President Nixon declared a “war on cancer” in 1971, billions of dollars have been pumped into cancer research. But much of this funding has gone to animal research. In addition to the obvious humane concerns, the results of these experiments often have not translated to benefits for humans. Now, innovative charities are leading the way to more effective research.

Compassionate Charities
The Avon Foundation, a Humane Seal-approved charity, has collaborated with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, another humane charity, to form the Love/Avon Army of Women initiative. The Army of Women is working to recruit 1 million healthy women to participate in a wide array of breast cancer studies. More than 300,000 women have already joined.

The Army of Women focuses on how breast cancer starts and on identifying ways to combat the genetic and environmental factors that increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Thanks to organizations like these, the list of Humane Seal breast cancer charities committed to supporting innovative, nonanimal research continues to grow.

Misleading Animal Experiments
Some charities continue to fund breast cancer experiments on animals. Many researchers still test potential cancer treatments on inbred mice predisposed to developing tumors. However, humans and nonhuman animals differ in many ways, based on genetic, cellular, and physiological factors. These differences make animals a poor model for cancer and other human diseases.

Researchers also conduct experiments on millions of animals to determine whether certain chemicals cause cancer. These tests have very poor predictive value.

Moreover, the wholesale use of animals means that many are killed simply in the process of creating new genetic strains. Many more are killed by the stresses of shipping, not to mention the rigors of the experiments themselves.

Take Action Today!
Ask breast cancer charities that are still funding animal experiments to stop and adopt humane and scientifically sound research methods. Take action at

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