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Eat More KaleSacred Kale
Fast-food company Chick-fil-A issued a cease-and-desist letter to a Vermont artist who had been selling T-shirts he screenprints with the slogan “Eat More Kale.” Chick-fil-A claims the T-shirts infringe on its “Eat mor chikin” slogan. The state of Vermont is supporting the folk artist in the legal battle.

The Proof Is in the Prunes
The European Union recently ruled that there is insufficient evidence that prunes have a laxative effect. In response, member of the European Parliament Sir Graham Watson has challenged EU Commissioner John Dalli to a prune-eating contest. A month earlier, the EU banned claims that drinking water can fight dehydration.

Step it upStep It Up
Vegan extreme athlete Michael Griesmeier has set the world record for stair running. In six hours, he carried a 66-pound backpack up and down 20,002 stairs.

India’s Universities Phase Out Dissection
India’s University Grants Commission has announced that it will phase out animal dissection in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Alternatives including virtual dissection will replace animal dissection. The commission will also require universities to include ethical issues regarding animal experimentation in appropriate courses.

California Requires Nutrition Education
Physicians in California are now required to study nutrition as part of their continuing education. Nutrition expert and PCRM Advisory Board member John McDougall, M.D., led the effort for California Senate Bill 380, which passed unanimously.

Everything is Bigger
A White Castle customer in New York is suing the chain because he can’t fit into the restaurant’s booths. The customer weighs 290 pounds and has complained to the restaurant managers for more than two years that his knees knock into the tables’ metal supports. White Castle promised that it would expand its booths—and sent him coupons for free hamburgers. The booths still have not been expanded, so he is taking the case to federal court.

Fat TaxFat Tax
Denmark has added a tax on butter, burgers, and other high-fat foods to fight obesity and other diet-related diseases, and to increase Danes’ lifespans.

A Growing Trend
In many towns in Great Britain, obesity rates are now higher among children than among adults. According to new statistics, there are more obese 11-year-olds than adults in 22 areas.

Treat Yourself
Chimpanzees eat many plants for medicinal purposes, according to new observational research. They consume plants that help fight tumors, bacterial infections, diarrhea, worms, and other illnesses, even when more nutritious plants are accessible. Like humans, chimpanzees learn from each other which plants serve as natural remedies.

Chimp Buffet


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