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PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., presents Sublime owner Nanci Alexander with a drawing commemorating the restaurant’s fifth anniversary.

Online Nutrition News
In addition to PCRM Online—our monthly e-newsletter—PCRM publishes a monthly online newsletter devoted to PCRM’s nutrition work. We bring you the latest scientific news on diet and health, updates on our nutrition advocacy, and a listing of Food for Life classes across the United States.

It’s easy to sign up for this and other free PCRM online resources here >

Member Support

Join PCRM for a Truly Sublime Reception
Mark your calendar for the event of the year! Nanci Alexander will host the Bon Voyage Party at her legendary Sublime restaurant. It’s a great opportunity for guests of the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise to experience world-class vegan cuisine the night before the cruise departs and for everyone—whether they are on the cruise or not—to take part in a fabulous evening at this award-winning hot spot. Everyone is welcome. Make your reservation now—tickets will sell out and proceeds support PCRM’s work.

Friday, March 2, 2012, 5 to 6:30 p.m.
Sublime, 1431 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Join PCRM for a Truly Sublime Reception

$50 per person for the cocktail reception only.
Reserve online at
or call Debbi Miller at 1-866-416-7276, ext. 340.
Guests can make dinner reservations at

Creating a Compassionate Future
Most of us want to be sure that our work for a more compassionate world carries on well into the future. A simple bequest provision can make that happen. Investment accounts and tangible property, such as real estate and artwork, can be identified in a will and designated to benefit a particular person or organization. Many people are now creating wills at a younger age, and it’s never too early if you have assets to pass along. PCRM recommends working with an attorney specializing in wills. The cost for creating a basic will is very reasonable, and the resulting peace of mind is invaluable. Every five years, you should evaluate your will and make updates as needed.

Members who include PCRM in their wills are part of our special group of Lifetime Partners. To learn more about our Lifetime Partner program and about creating a will, visit

Victory Celebration in Malibu
Cindy Landon hosted a wonderful victory celebration for PCRM on Oct. 15 at her exquisite Malibu home. The event brought together new and longtime friends and fueled a generous outpouring of support for PCRM’s work. Our auctioneers, Robert Cabral and Rod Summers, had guests enthusiastically bidding on helicopter rides and mountain retreats, and Gooding’s blistering performance was nothing less than spectacular. We are grateful to everyone who had a hand in making the evening a huge success.

The highlight of the evening was a late-breaking victory announcement that the Army has agreed to end its cruel chemical casualty experiments.

Cindy Landon and Neal Barnard, M.D., with the band Gooding (Billy Driver, Gooding, and Jesse Rich).

PCRM Members: In It to Win It
As a PCRM member, you play a key role in our lifesaving work. We couldn’t do it without you! Together with PCRM’s doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts, you are part of a growing force that is shaping the future of research and medical practice. As we continue to grow year by year, we are becoming an unstoppable voice for a better, smarter, kinder future for people and animals.

Our mission is urgent. We work on Capitol Hill, with the health care industry, and with the global research community—and your continued support allows us to build on our achievements and to be more effective than ever. Please take a moment and renew your membership for 2012 with a generous tax-deductible donation. Support us online, or call us at 202-527-7304. Thank you!

Don Forrester, M.D., Elizabeth Forrester, Neal Barnard, M.D., Linda Middlesworth, and David Middlesworth, Ph.D., at a reception preceding a standing-room-only lecture and book signing.


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