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WEIGHT LOSS Success Stories

Zoltan L
Zoltan became a personal chef for a vegan family and quickly switched his own diet. - Zoltan's Story >
Kathy P
Kathy has done more than lose weight on a vegan diet, she's also brought her blood sugar and blood pressure back to the normal range. - Kathy's Story >
Barry B
Within 120 days of an oil-free, plant-based diet, Barry got off his medications, lost weight without feeling hungry, and increased his energy! - Barry's Story >
Larry S
Larry changed his diet to lose weight and restore his health. - Larry's Story >
David! W
David says the the biggest benefit he's had on the vegan diet is improved health. - David!'s Story >
Jackie M
After eating a vegan diet, Jackie found more energy and was able to drop 40 lbs. - Jackie's Story >
Ray C
Ray participated in the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart and lost 15 pounds. - Ray's Story >
sherry M
Sherry says her life has so much meaning now since becoming vegan. - sherry's Story >
John K
John was surprised at how easy the transition away from meat and dairy was. - John's Story >
sherry d
Sherry lost 100 pounds and lowered her blood pressure and arthritis pain. - sherry's Story >
Michael F
Michael lost 25 pounds after starting a vegan diet and his running times and distances have improved. - Michael's Story >
Dee S
After only 18 days, Dee has lost weight and lowered her blood sugar. - Dee's Story >
Randy K
Randy lowered his weight and is off her cholesterol medicine. - Randy's Story >
Roger M
Roger lost 110 pounds by following a vegan diet. - Roger's Story >
Susan B
Susan lost 55 pounds by going vegan. - Susan's Story >
michele j
Since going vegan Michele haa lost at least 20 pounds and is still slowly losing weight. - michele's Story >
Harold W
Harold and his wife tried the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, and they lost weight, increased their energy, and "now feel like a million bucks"! - Harold 's Story >
Evan M
Evan lost 109 pounds went vegan when he was 18, and he has kept the weight off for more than 50 years! - Evan's Story >
Karen C
Karen has already lost 32 pounds and feels great! - Karen's Story >
Randy B
Randy says that every facet of his life has been turned around because of his vegan diet. - Randy's Story >

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