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Florida Passes Resolution Recommending Vegetarian Choices in Schools

Schoolchildren in Florida may get a healthy surprise in the cafeteria when school begins next fall. The Florida House of Representatives passed a resolution (pdf) designating the 2006-2007 school year as “Healthy School Lunch Year” in Florida. The resolution, which acknowledges that one-fourth of Florida’s schoolchildren are overweight or obese, recommends an emphasis on The New Four Food Groups and a vegetarian entrée option.

Rep. Susan Bucher introduced the resolution, which was passed on April 25. The resolution highlights the fact that many children do not get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, and that a vegetarian entrée would help improve those poor eating habits. It also notes that vegetarian or vegan schoolchildren should have appropriate dishes for them at school. Three other states – California, New York, and Hawaii – have similar resolutions in place.

What You Can Do

All schoolchildren deserve to have healthy, vegetarian entrée options as part of their school lunch program. If you live in a state with an existing resolution make sure your school food service staff is aware of it and encourage them to follow the resolution.

To help pass a healthy school resolution in your state, contact your local state senator or representative and ask them to support a similar resolution.  For more information on how to pass legislation on school lunches, visit:

For additional assistance, contact:
Susan Weiland, Citizens for Healthy Options in Children’s Education (CHOICE)



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