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Celebrity Tips

Rip Esselstyn

Rip EsselstynFormer professional athlete and firefighter for Austin’s Engine 2 firehouse, Rip Esselstyn now applies his passion for saving lives to teaching the irrefutable connection between what you eat and the ability to prevent chronic disease. Author of New York Times best-selling book The Engine 2 Diet, Rip has teamed up with Whole Foods Market as a Healthy Eating Partner to raise awareness for team members, customers, and all of America about the health benefits of eating a plant-strong™ diet composed of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Learn more about Rip at www.TheEngine2Diet.com.


Rip Esselstyn's Recipes
Rip's Big Bowl

Kale, Lemon, and Cilantro Sandwich

Engine 2 Enchiladas

The Engine 2 Diet:
The Former Texas Firefighter's 28-Day Save-Your-Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds

by Rip Esselstyn
The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn

  1. Eating a plant-strong diet is the best way to fight the dangerous fires raging inside us—fires that create all the chronic Western ailments including heart attack, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.
  2. The fat and cholesterol in animal products clogs up arteries and can cause impotence, which research shows may be an early sign of heart disease. But men, you can treat this without Viagra. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans.
  3. The only nutrient that plant-based foods lack is vitamin B12. But you can get a daily supply by downing a glass of fortified soymilk or a bowl of fortified cereal.
  4. Some trendy diets claim that all carbohydrates are bad guys, yet of the three macronutrients that provide calories in our diet (carbs, protein, and fat), carbohydrates are the body’s primary fuel source. They’re responsible for managing your heart rate, digestion, breathing, exercising, walking, and thinking.

Farms 2 Forks Immersions—Powered by Engine 2
Join Rip for a life-changing weekend at a Farms 2 Forks Immersion—Powered by Engine 2! Held on the beautiful grounds of local farms in Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, and upstate New York, these events will feature some of the most extraordinary researchers, nutritionists, and physicians in the field of nutrition sciences. These weekend getaways will be jam-packed with academics, cooking lessons, and practical skills (including a label-reading class followed by a scavenger hunt at the local Whole Foods Market). For more information about the Farms 2 Forks Immersions or to reserve space for you and your family, please register here.


Rip's Big Bowl

1/4 cup raw old-fashioned oats
1/4 cup Grape Nuts or Ezekiel brand equivalent
1/4 cup bite-size shredded wheat
1/4 cup Uncle Sam cereal
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed meal
2 tablespoons raisins
2 tablespoons walnuts
1 banana, sliced
1 kiwi, sliced
segments of one grapefruit and juice
3/4 cup milk substitute of choice


  • Toss all ingredients except the grapefruit and milk substitute into a bowl.
  • After cutting grapefruit in half, use a small, sharp knife to remove the segments.
  • Add segments to the top of the bowl and squeeze in the juice.
  • Top the bowl with milk substitute.

In a pinch, simply add water (the fruits blend with the water and give it a sweet taste). Add any fresh or frozen fruit, such as peaches, cherries, blueberries, or red grapes.

Rip’s Tip: If you want to lower your cholesterol levels even more, use half a cup of oats and omit one of the quarter cups of other cereals

Kale, Lemon, and Cilantro Sandwich

1 bunch kale, rinsed and drained
4 slices whole grain bread, toasted
Healthy Homemade Hummus
4 green onions
1/2 bunch cilantro or parsley, rinsed and chopped
1 lemon with skin on, sliced very thinly into rounds
zest of 1 lemon


  • Tear kale leaves away from thick stem. Discard stem and chop leaves into bite-size pieces.
  • Toast bread until brown and crispy, about 3 minutes. 
  • Put kale in a pot filled with about 4 inches of water.
  • Bring to a boil, cover and cook for two to three minutes, until kale is tender. Check frequently.
  • Spread toast thickly with hummus, sprinkle on the green onions, pile cilantro on top, then place a few very thin slices of lemons on the cilantro. 
  • When kale is tender, drain well. Shake the strainer so all water is gone, then sprinkle the kale in the strainer with lemon zest and the juice from the remaining lemons. Lots of lemon makes this good!  
  • Place a large handful of lemon filled kale on top of each piece sandwich half and top with remaining toast slices.

Variations: Add a thick slice of tomato to each sandwich.

Engine 2 Enchiladas

enchiladasServes 6

16 ounces mushrooms, sliced
32 ounces frozen spinach, thawed and drained
30 ounces fat-free, frozen hash-brown potatoes
2 teaspoons cumin
2 tablespoons chili powder
8 ounces canned diced green chilies
18 corn tortillas
3 16-ounce jars fat-free enchilada sauce (Whole Foods' Religious Experience is excellent) 
12 sprigs cilantro, rinsed


  • Preheat oven to 425 F.
  • Sauté mushrooms and spinach on medium heat in large non-stick skillet for 5 minutes, or until mushrooms are soft. Drain liquid, and remove to large bowl.
  • Cook potatoes on high heat in sprayed skillet for 10 minutes until lightly browned on both sides. Sprinkle potatoes with cumin and chili powder.
  • Gently combine potatoes, green chilies, mushrooms, and spinach.
  • Line the bottom of sprayed 9 X 13 casserole with 6 tortillas.
  • Place half of the vegetable mixture over tortillas and cover with one jar of sauce.
  • Repeat the process: tortillas, vegetables, sauce.
  • Top with the remaining six tortillas and jar of sauce.
  • Bake uncovered for 30 minutes. Allow to sit for 15 minutes before serving. Garnish with cilantro sprigs.

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