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Created on: 04/10/14 06:35 PM Views: 1442 Replies: 5
HELP !!! Insulin dependent
Posted Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:35 PM

I am 63 yrs old and insulin dependent . I need to lose at least 100 lbs. I have been on the kickstart program since Feb 10. I have lost 16 lbs and have had dramatic changes in my health. I am using half the insulin I was using. My blood pressure is good ,my cholesterol dropped to 135 (still on medicine), an ulcer I had on my leg for several years has healed and most dramatically the terrible back pain that has had me partially disabled has disappeared. I can now shop without a wheelchair. Needless to say I am over the moon and wish I would have known about this years ago. My issue is this. I haven't lost anymore weight. I eat my first meal of the day at 11:00 which is 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup almond milk and banana . The next meal is around 5 which tonite was green beans,small corn muffin (vegan) and 2 small potatoes. Finish the day off with bowl of fruit at 10:00. The problem is I starve all afternoon. Very keen hunger. Today I ate an apple ,a few pecans, can of green beans, piece of toast, 2 tbsp. of refried beans and tbsp. of salsa.. Nothing works . I am just as hungry as if I didn't eat anything. I suspect I may need an insulin adjust but my numbers seem great all day. My dr was no help
she is in shock that I am doing this and doesn't seem to get it. I am hoping that other diabetics may have some insight. I am worried this constant hunger is going to sabatoge all these great changes because a giant bag of chips and sour cream sounds really good. Wink Very Happy I would appreciate any assistance with this problem.

RE: HELP !!! Insulin dependent
Posted Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 7:08 PM

I'm no expert and I've only been in this 4 months but I've done a lot of reading. Most of the experts say you have to eat more, not less. Don't go hungry or your body goes into starvation mode. But perhaps eat less fruit and more veggies. And maybe more fresh veggies instead of canned would help - they have more crunch and are therefore more satisfying. I also had a personal revelation that eating fruit before bed equals zero weight loss - maybe insulin has something to do with it. Had a couple big sourdough pretzels instead (not the whole bag) and boom, down one pound. Might be incidental but the scale had been stuck for a week. If you have Dr. Barnard's Food for Life book, read the chapter on weight loss. The answer starts on page 90.

RE: HELP !!! Insulin dependent
Posted Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 8:43 PM

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine suggests that a person who wants healthy weight loss needs to eat 8 servings of grains, 3 servings of legumes, 4 (or more) servings of vegetables, and 3 servings of fruits each day. Please click this link for more details: http://www.pcrm.org/health/health-topics/a-guide-to-healthy-weight-loss

RE: HELP !!! Insulin dependent
Posted Friday, April 11, 2014 at 8:27 AM

Here is a response from PCRM's director of diabetes management and care:

While we cannot give specific information, it might be useful to be aware that insulin is growth hormone, and it can stimulate hunger. So can low blood sugar. I recommend reading John McDougall's evidence-based article on how he treats type 2 diabetes (using only enough insulin to prevent symptoms of hyperglycemia, available at www.drmcdougall.com under Hot Topics, Diabetes), and if this approach appeals, share it with health care provider to determine what are reasonable, individualized blood sugar goals. For some, aiming for an AVERAGE of 150-180 might be reasonable, and allow for lower doses of insulin, less risk of hypoglycemia and less chronic hunger.

I did not do a calorie count on the sample food intake provided, but I also wonder about too few calories. Using the rule of 10 to determine the minimum number of calories to prevent metabolic slow-down, multiply target weight by 10. So, if your target weight is 150, don't eat less than 1500 calories. And eating early in the day, eating a larger portion of calories in the morning, and being sure to get ample sleep are other strategies to rev up a sluggish metabolism. But a sixteen pound weight loss over 2 months is a lot, so a month of maintenance is fine. This is described in more detail in the book, Breaking the Food Seduction, by Neal Barnard, MD.

Keep it up - slow and steady wins the race.

Caroline Trapp, NP, CDE, FAANP

Susan Levin, MS, RD
PCRM Director of Nutrition Education

RE: HELP !!! Insulin dependent
Posted Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 6:25 PM

Wow !! I would like to thank those that answered my post. Looks like the concensus was not eating enough. I have been reading the suggested info and have realized that I don't fully understand what I am doing. I have been diabetic for 35 yrs and this way of thinking and eating is a complete reversal of what I have been doing(unsuccessfully) all this time. As suggested the last 2 days I have increased the food and decreased the insulin. The hunger issue is much better but it is unbelievable you could eat this much food and lose weight. I am going to do this for a couple weeks and then report back with my progress.
I am very grateful to Susan and Caroline . I did not expect their expert attention. Thank you again. I have made up a chart so I can keep track of what I am eating for a couple weeks so I can figure out how much food this is. I hope this might have helped other diabetics who are experiencing the same thing. Sincerely ,

RE: HELP !!! Insulin dependent
Posted Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 7:57 AM

I follow Dr. McDougall's way of eating which is starch based (potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, whole grains (NOT whole grains ground up into flour), non-starchy veggies, fruits, legumes, NO OIL, no added salt or sugar. I myself find sweet potatoes very satiating. Might be interesting to check out his website which has great forums and a lot of very helpful and supportive people, including a boatload of diabetics. I think Dr. Barnard's approach is very similar to Dr. McDougall's. I do know on his Maximum Weight Loss plan only 2-3 servings of fruit are suggested, and ground flaxseeds and some chia seeds for Omega 3 are recommended, but hold the nuts, nut butters and avocados (too calorie dense with too much fat). Hey, Good luck with the weight loss and the guaranteed improvement of diabetic symptoms as you drop the weight! JoAnn Smile

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