Trying to kick the cheese addiction
Posted Friday, October 11, 2013 at 7:13 PM

This isn't a question so much as a comment on some things I've been having trouble with.

I'm vegetarian and am really wanting to transition to vegan. The problem is dairy (specifically, cheese). My body doesn't react well to too much dairy, and I feel so much better when I avoid it.

The problem is that this doesn't seem to make a difference in my food choices when I'm at the grocery store or am eating out.

As I'm sure many people on this forum know, dairy has physically addictive properties.

I really want to transition towards being 100% vegan, but I keep sabotaging myself by buying dairy-heavy products, even though I know they'll make me feel sick, and even though I know that the cravings will subside if I just stick it out for the first couple of weeks.

I know all this - I've done it before (a long time ago), and I felt so much better when I was mostly vegan and was avoiding dairy and also refined sugars and caffeine, etc.

Clearly I need more motivation to kick this unhealthy addiction.

I'm going to read up more on the environmental and animal-welfare benefits of being vegan. I've got a big reading list for this weekend Smile

I'm hoping that finding reasons/motivation for causes greater than myself will help me to stick to the vegan diet, even when faced with cravings.

I wish everyone on this forum (including myself) success with the Kickstart Smile