sensitivity to legumes
Posted Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 5:06 AM

I was so excited to start the 21 day Kickstart program. I had been mostly vegan for ~2 years but my food sensitivities were increasing. Problems with wheat or gluten, legumes, soy and corn. I was so hoping things would be different this time and perhaps my symptoms were due to something else. I had the most wonderful burrito yesterday; rice tortilla with black beans, many veggies and soy. So satisfying. Also some banana oat bites later, with a spiced carrot parsnip soup made with coconut milk plus greens on the side. I felt this was a great day, right up until I awoke at 2 AM with swollen belly, fingers aching they were so swollen and unable to fall back to sleep. I haven't been this inflamed in months. So discouraged. It makes it so hard to try to be vegan without any legumes, corn and even some nuts.