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Forums: Main Kickstart Forum: frustration, why is dairy so hard to stop!
Created on: 07/29/13 08:43 PM Views: 1131 Replies: 2
frustration, why is dairy so hard to stop!
Posted Monday, July 29, 2013 at 8:43 PM

ah, I need help Crying or Very sad
I want so much to stay on this kickstart. I never seem to make it even a full 2 weeks without messing up.

I was born and raised vegetarian, so meat/seafood/egg has never been an issue.
My biggest weakness is always with dairy. not so much with cheese, yogurt, but soft serve, ice creme especially as it is summer-time, and today I had such a hard time. It could have been due to, I was so tired, I haven't been sleeping well in general at night.

But I know that many here on this kickstart have told me how dairy can be addictive. it is by far the toughest thing! Could it be due to the sugar, maybe I'm having a hard time also because I have this terrible sweet toothe?

The problem is how to replace that dairy. Soy gives me stomach cramps / IBS and I'm allergic to most tree nuts, so that rules out almond and coconut milk sadly. I can have hazelnuts however. I wish McDonald's had a vegan soft-serve option!

Sorry but I just needed an outlet briefly, to get this out! I get so confused and upset wtih myself. I should know better but i swear sometimes these cravings are awful and take over me Embarassed

RE: frustration, why is dairy so hard to stop!
Posted Monday, July 29, 2013 at 10:57 PM

Hi, Lovekittens-I appreciate your post! I don't know about dairy cravings, tho well understand the tendency to sometimes make poor choices (food and otherwise) when very tired. Perhaps you can plan to have healthy snacks around for times of exhaustion? I've recently found that making a smoothie w/ kale, raspberries, and grapes (and other vegetable/fruit combos) are very satisfying, both re. flavor and b/c it feels good to take care of myself. If more hungry and I'm not in the mood/too tired to cook, adding flax helps. A banana rolled in ground flaxseed is quick when tired, too. My personal temptation is milk chocolate--if it's in the house, I eat it....so I don't let it in!

RE: frustration, why is dairy so hard to stop!
Posted Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 8:09 AM

Look for alternate cold, simple to make (or make ahead) or buy things. For instance, fresh fruit sorbets are delicious and cold (for summer) - sorbet is not the same as sherbet (which typically has dairy). Or, when I'm really wanting something ice cream-like, we have a vegan chocolate pudding recipe that's easy to make (hard to wait until it cools and sets but that isn't TOO long) - it uses whatever plant milk you prefer (we use almond but hemp or oat or whatever would work), vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips (no milk fat), raw cocoa powder, sugar (we use raw sugar), vanilla and corn starch to thicken it as it cooks. Found the recipe online. It's really yummy, rich, creamy - all those things that ice cream satisfies. We've served it to non-vegans and they couldn't tell Wink

Somewhere around the archives here is a recipe for a banana 'ice cream' - frozen banana, whirred in a blender, takes on a creamy consistency like soft serve - add vanilla, cocoa, etc. to make an ice cream like dessert. I've also seen recipes that use avocado as the base of a creamy dessert but I haven't tried that so I can't vouch for the texture or flavor.

Keep looking - you'll find something that works for you.


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