Vitamix and almond milk
Posted Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 2:55 PM

We LOVE it and can't believe how long we waited before getting one - okay, it made sense, kinda - it's an expensive piece of equipment and didn't seem all that different from a good quality blender. But oh, it's SO much more! Just made our first batch of almond milk. Later today, I'm going to use it to try to make almond based yogurt - I really miss yogurt with homemade granola and fruit. Tried a couple times with commercial almond milk but they have stuff added so they don't separate and all which left me with yucky mess, not yogurt.

What do those of you who make your own almond milk do with the leftover almond meal? We put it in a container in the fridge for now but need some ideas on what to do with it before it turns into a science project.