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Forums: Main Kickstart Forum: HELP!! GAS GAS GAS!!!
Created on: 01/16/13 04:58 AM Views: 1062 Replies: 2
Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 4:58 AM

Hey all, looking for some advice. Embarrassing topc. I have been vegan for a few years now. Usually I have gas daily, but in normal amounts. I have gone through periods where it gets to be excessive and just don't know why. For the past couple weeks or so I have had excessive gas. Usually starts in the afternoon and goes all through the night. I'm talking every 15 to 20 minutes. My husband to say the least isn't the happiest about the sleeping hours. I'm not sure why because I have been eating beans,chickpeas, and all kinds of fruits and vegies and normally don't get this gassy. For example for breakfast, I have been making a smoothie lately out of spinach, almond milk and fruit and flax seeds, or I will have oats with almond milk and currants. Lunch is almost always a big salad with spring mix, cukes, tomatoes, some bean or chickpea. and dinner is usually some veg with a protein of some sort, soup or something else. So I'm not sure why I am SOOOO gassy. The only things I can think of to try right now are maybe more water in my diet, haven't been drinking a lot, maybe chewing my food/eating slower??? Any help, tips, advice would be helpful to solve this embarrassing situation.. THANK YOU ALL!!! And I just want to say this forum is AWESOME for advice and tips and just the whole community feel. I enjoy reading and learning every time it's active.


Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 7:11 AM

I think you are on the right track. If you are eating the same foods you have been eating without much trouble, it could be surrounding issues, such as water and chewing. There may be certain foods that digest better for you if cooked longer, such as sulfur-containg vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. Fruit can sometimes digest better if cooked, so adding raisins to your oats while still on the stove, for example.

Even though these are the same foods you have been enjoying for a while, you might consider switching to smaller beans as opposed to larger ones (and of course always soak and rinse your beans thoroughly).

More bean tips:

* After soaking dried beans, drain them, and then cook them in fresh water. It may also help to add a pinch of baking soda to the soaking water.
* Make sure the beans are thoroughly cooked.
* Drain and gently rinse canned beans. This also decreases the amount of salt in some brands.
* People who eat beans regularly have little or no trouble digesting them, so start with smaller servings and work up to larger and more frequent servings.
* Smaller beans are easier to digest for some people, so try black beans, black–eyed peas, and lentils, and work your way up to pinto and fava beans.
* Adding 2-4 inches of kombu (also known as sea kelp) to beans while cooking can help with digestion.

Susan Levin, MS, RD
PCRM Director of Nutrition Education

Posted Friday, January 18, 2013 at 1:50 PM

I had asked about using Beano quite a while back and was told that the regular Beano tablets are not vegan. But I believe the Beano Meltaways are vegan, as far as I can tell, so you might try them.

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