What are you hoping to improve these next 21 days?
Posted Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Hey all! Smile

I got most of my fasting blood test results back, and I'm shocked my fasting glucose was just over the limit. I've always had nice low blood glucose!

My cholesterol is high, also, but those really aren't my main concerns.

I have fibromyalgia, and over the years I have destroyed my stomach from daily ibuprofen, so no more anti-inflammatory drugs for me. Now I take Tylenol, but the doctors didn't care about my stomach before, and I'm sure one will tell me to stop tylenol until my liver is destroyed. I have norco on hand for serious pain, but I'm terrified to take more than 3 or so a month (LOL) - it sure does work on the pain, but I DO NOT SEE MYSELF IN REHAB.

I also have Sjogren's syndrome, which among other things causes my saliva glands in my neck to SWELL - I sometimes look like an orangutan - and the drugs they can offer are all totally unacceptable.

So pain relief, reduced inflammation and visible shrinking of these glands are some of my goals. I would like nothing more than to visit my dr. one last time in vibrant good health, and tell her it's been fun but I hope I never see her again!

Lastly I want to mention that I've "tried" this kickstart before, but wasn't able to really GET why a little olive oil would be so harmful. I'm finally desperate enough to do this 100%!

What improvements are YOU looking for? Smile

PS - we can do this!