little to no weight loss
Posted Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 9:52 PM

Greetings! I first tried the kickstart in January and have about 98 percent stuck with it. Once in a while like twice since then I have had seafood. I do not eat dairy and no meat. I don't use oil. I follow as close to whole food as possible. My cholesterol has dropped to normal Smile

but... I am not really dropping weight. I suppose since January maybe 5 to 8 pounds - that is only like a pound a month?

I was diagnosed hypothyroid and my levels are now good - that is in May. the last of may first of june I had a very bad asthma bout - not typically on ANY medication for it but went on vacay and got very sick with allergies etc., so was on Prednisone until mid July.

am pretty discouraged with the lack of weight loss. I also cycle oh between 25 and 100 miles a week depending on job demands - am doing the CO Tour de Cure in two weeks a 62 mile ride - cycling would be SO much easier with less weight!

I easily have 50 - 60 pounds to drop!

help? Smile Confused