omegas and non-dairy milk?
Posted Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 8:50 PM

I've been absent for awhile, still wanting to get back on the vegan kickstart! I hope I can make July THE month, but even start right now - there's no such thing as 'too early' for this, right? =)

Mainly I want to work on my overall nutrition. I recently got blood drawn and tests indicated low white blood cell count. I do think it's simply a matter of overall nutrition and needing to improve this. the doctor was telling me, how much I should start eating fish and seafood.

I see a product called 'surimi' here, as well, that I believe originated in Japan.

- It is also called imitation crab meat, but is this similar to the 'fake' meats made of soy? Is it suitable for ppl like us??

- If I do not want to give in to these doctors and people who keep saying 'eat your fish and seafood' for omega acids, how can I get these? I am allergic to tree nuts so walnuts are out =/ but I love peanuts, which obviously are not nuts!

- I've been having a hard time stomaching soy milk..and obviously almond and coconut are not options. If I get the milk labeled as 'lactose-free' milk, is this still a vegan option?