Vegan Chocolate - Desserts Plus More
Posted Monday, April 2, 2012 at 10:02 PM

Info for those who delight in Chocolate, Desserts (these are all fantastic vegan recipes) & other Vegan recipes to add to your culinary vegan dishes:

Chocolate Covered Katie is a vegan and all her awesome & delicious recipes are vegan.

Katie has an incredibly great healthy dessert website & her favorite food is chocolate. This site was mentioned by someone on the Kickstart forum earlier this year.

Katie has a fantastic sense of humor,she’s very inspiring and shares her personal vegan journey,fantastic food photos, easy directions and by request nutritional data is provided, if not available from past recipes, ask and she’ll provide the info.

Katie’s link for her favorite non-dessert recipes: main dishes, raw food recipes, breakfast recipes, nut butters, side dishes, soups & sauces & so much more is:
Katie also uses pinterest: