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Created on: 01/30/13 12:56 PM Views: 1025 Replies: 2
Super Bowl and Beyond
Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 12:56 PM

HELP!!! I'm going to a SuperBowl party this Sunday. We always watch the game, but mostly talk, eat, and have a couple of beers. The hostess always has a huge spread of appetizers, then a big Italian meal. I'm wondering about what to do so I can continue with my vegan diet and have good time without causing a big fuss. I let her know about my diet and let her know that I would bring a salad, an appetizer, and a veggie burger for myself. She replied in an email that other than some veggies, everything would have meat or dairy including desert. She also said be careful with this diet because a friend of hers got sick and was told by her doctor to stop eating vegan. Then she said she lowered her blood sugar just by putting cinnamon on everything. These are the first friends that I eat with regularly so I'm not sure what else they'll say to me. She's pretty opinionated and will say what she thinks without thinking. I'm kind of nervous that they will not be supportive of my choice to eat this way for my health. What should I eat? How to respond to questions or even criticism about this way of eating?

RE: Super Bowl and Beyond
Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 1:26 PM

What should you eat? If you were a SAD eater then you would eat what you choose to. So you should as anyone else does eat what you choose to. What you eat is a personal decision.
When you said you are taking food, I don’t know if it meant to share or just for your “special diet”. I would think of taking a huge salad to share and/or Pico De Guyo and/or Guacamole for all. That way there is plenty of food that both vegans and SAD eaters like.

As far as criticism. A couple of things.. 1) you say these are people you eat with regularly. Can you get someone familiar with your choices going there, who will support you. Even if they just say that what you choose to eat is a personal decision. – Talk about what you might like them to say. “hey I tried the guacamole and it’s wonderful.. I could eat that everyday.
2) Say to your friend, “Everyone is different. I admit I had some concerns. I didn’t want to try a new way of eating, do it wrong and get sick. So I am doing it with the advice of a nutritionist and a doctor. So far I feel wonderful!” Or whatever, just have a plan.
Don’t worry you may get questions, some people just really want to know. I hear the most – Where do you get your protein? Isn’t it hard? What do you eat?
When they ask what do I eat. .. I don’t’ tell them beans, tofu, plants. I do tell them about some of my favorites… curry stir fry, burritos, veggie pizza, & soups. Let them picture it on a plate or a bowl. I think of it as a sharing opportunity.
If it all goes to pot, other people start feeling uncomfortable and want out too… so have a plan. “I am not feeling the love here. We are here for superbowl. Perhaps we can discuss my eating habits some other time.” I have not needed to ever do that, but you might feel better with a plan.

RE: Super Bowl and Beyond
Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 1:49 PM

we've been going to the same auper bowl party for years - since BV (before vegan :winkSmile The hostess always provides the hot dogs and chili for chili dogs and the rest is potluck style. We used to bring BBQ meatballs that everyone loved. Now, we bring the roasted red pepper hummus from the kickstart (first saw it in Dr. Barnard's diabetes book) ... and everyone loves it (and requests it). We bring baked pita crisps and cut up veggies to go with it. And, since the hostess' daughter is vegetarian, there's both meaty and meatless chili (lots of beans and veggies). I just have a bowl of the chili solo (no hot dog, cheese, etc) plus whatever veggie options there are (tossed salad is usually there, or I'll pile up the plate with the hummus and veggies). The key is to not say a whole lot about it, just make sure your plate stays really full so no one notices. And, bring along a tasty dessert - something luscious and decadent that no one would dream is vegan...but it is! Don't worry so much about low fat for the dessert - go easy on it yourself (and if it's really good, it'll be gone in a flash anyhow). For instance, we've got an awesome chocolate pudding recipe, totally vegan (plant milk of your choice, vegan chocolate chips, corn starch, sugar, vanilla). Use that as the base for a fruit and pudding trifle bowl and yummy! No one would know it was vegan - we've had folks who've tried it and didn't know. Google a recipe for something that 'fits' the general style of the party (finger foods like cookies, rather than pudding, for example).


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