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Created on: 03/05/14 08:33 PM Views: 1163 Replies: 6
articles, resources on avoiding dairy
Posted Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 8:33 PM

Well, it hasn't been a full week yet of March but I admit I'm feeling the dairy cravings, for coffee creamer. with my coffee / tea, I would normally add half and half. I haven't had any in 2 weeks now, but i just need to keep motivated and not go back to it! Reasons, tips, knock some sense back into me? =)

I find it's helpful to be continuing the vegan kickstart around now, as today is Ash Wednesday and many people giving up meat for Lent. That is progress - at least more people trying to be vegetarian for 40 days, that's a step in the positive direction for us all!

RE: articles, resources on avoiding dairy
Posted Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 9:14 PM

Have you tried the various milk alternatives? They are all very different. Regular almond milk is different than vanilla almond milk. The same for soy and coconut.

The other way you might be able to flip it is to try the gourmet coffee. You wouldn't want to cover up the flavor of delish coffee with creamer!

Personally when i want a treat, i get a bag of green mountain coffee. I only drink one a day, so it lasts a long time.

RE: articles, resources on avoiding dairy
Posted Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 12:22 AM

ooh, you'll have to tell me where i can find good quality coffee! Surprised

i don't do well with soy milk...perhaps you are the same, i cannot recall what you'd told me. but i really like almond and coconut milk. i have seen some cans of coconut milk that i wonder if i could use as a creamer.

RE: articles, resources on avoiding dairy
Posted Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 7:56 AM

I find green mountain coffee at the supermarket. Problem is it's about 8.00 a lb. So i don't use it everyday.
Another one is of course Starbucks. You can buy theirs by the bag and make your own at home. It's about the same price.

Humm coconut milk might just work !! I have also seen cans of coconut cream at Trader Joes. I was wondering if those would make good whip cream. (Chef Chloe has a recipe that i haven't tried yet, I just know it's there). It might work in coffee too. Let me know if you come up with something awesome.

RE: articles, resources on avoiding dairy
Posted Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 8:12 AM

You know i see the subject line is asking for resources on avoiding dairy. Are you looking for the hard-core, i never can forget that image, or definitely won't be eating that anytime soon stuff OR are you looking for alternatives?

It really is very cruel what they do to cows & calves. There are some free videos online. You don't soon forget those images. Why should any animal have to suffer so much so we can have dairy? It is just wrong for me. After seeing the videos it is pretty easy to walk by the dairy isle.

Then of course there is what the raising of animals is doing to the planet. I see the Norwegian Army is going meatless Mondays.

If that isn't enough you can think of what the dairy is doing to you personally. It doesn't do you any favors. Most of it is 100% fat. (cheese-the thing i sometimes miss)
I remember about a year ago.. There was a company that claimed the cows were not given the named antibiotics that were popular at the time to advertise.. We will call them ABC antibiotics. Well for some reason before they were sent to slaughter they were tested for ABCDEF. Guess what, there were no ABC.. but instead of ABC they used DEF that were just as bad!! Still getting the antibiotics, just different ones.
It is my opinion the GMO corn they feed the cows and the antibiotics they use on the cows will be in found in the meat and dairy isle.

RE: articles, resources on avoiding dairy
Posted Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 2:33 PM

I know someone who calls the dairy aisle in the store the "death aisle"! Another calls milk "liquid pus, " not a very appealing image, for sure! Here's a link to Dr. Greger's article http://nutritionfacts.org/2011/09/08/how-much-pus-is-there-in-milk/ on the amount of pus in milk.

RE: articles, resources on avoiding dairy
Posted Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 7:41 AM

I must admit it was only relatively recently that I learned that cheese came from cows at all, let alone badly treated cows. For some reason I always thought it was just something that grew naturally in old men's beards. Harvested by hand without hurting them, then homogenised and squeezed into blocks. The only controversy that I imagined might occur was if the old man was maybe wanting to take a nap but was kept awake by some minimum wage foreign student running their hands through his beard in a raking motion. But other than that I always thought of it as a beautiful example of peaceful symbiotic interaction between old people and young people. Nature's perfect food if you will. The only reason I gave it up was because it smells like a solid fart.

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