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Created on: 03/18/14 01:43 AM Views: 840 Replies: 2
articles about bees, honey and environment
Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 1:43 AM

One thing I enjoy about this vegan kickstart is there's always something new to learn! Just always a wealth of information.

I was talking to my friend and telling her how I've been vegan since end of January, (though.. I have made some mistakes, but still learning!) anyhow, my friend asked me about the honey. She said that honey does not harm the bees, and I replied, I cannot give the facts on that since I don't know, but honey is mainly non-vegan because our goal is not to consume anything from living creatures...Then she said 'you might as well not eat plants, aren't they alive too?' I said, I will need some time on this! But I insist, honey is not vegan, from what I feel, and what I have learnt.'

I am just wondering if there are articles or any recent information, with regards to how our taking honey impacts bees and environment, generally speaking. It would be good to learn more, so many people do not consider insects when we refer to living creatures.

RE: articles about bees, honey and environment
Posted Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 11:57 PM

well, i found this article online and it stated:

"The difference between vegans and nonvegans, however, is the element of intent. Vegans consciously strive to do no harm to any sentient life, including insects. This does not mean that vegans do not hurt others inadvertently, but that it is never their aim to do so.

... honey is nevertheless considered an animal product. Because there are numerous alternatives to honey, from a vegan perspective there is no justifiable rationale for using it." This, is from vegsource.com.

I think I need to read more literature on veganism in general, that would be inspiring to me!
Anyway, I feel good about at least, understanding the bee/honey isssue a little more. It's hard because so many people still don't understand what is wrong with taking for example, honey / milk because 'it doesn't hurt the bee or the cow.'

going to try and find some agave nectar tomorrow and see how that tastes!

RE: articles about bees, honey and environment
Posted Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 9:05 PM


If you're interested in the ethical issues then yes there's often a certain amount of cruelty involved with commercial honey production. It would be things like wing clipping, killing the queens every couple of years, decapitating some of the male bees then extracting their sperm then artificially inseminating the queens. Sometimes killing off the entire hive during winter. I'm not sure if the same things happen at every company or if they even happen at all in small scale / private operations.

The thing is if you check the history of sugar plantations you'll see some pretty sick treatment of human beings. So a lot of vegans see honey as the lesser of two evils.

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