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Forums: September 2012 Kickstart Forum: help staying 'regular'
Created on: 09/22/12 01:00 PM Views: 534 Replies: 1
help staying 'regular'
Posted Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Hi everyone,

Wow - I'm sad this kickstart's coming to an end! I've really loved getting to know all of you and the inspiring words and knowledge exchanged.

The one thing I feel I struggled with more than my craving for the milk in coffee/tea...was probably constipation. This past week, I'm not sure why I have not been - sorry I know it may be TMI!

What really helps you guys? I've tried raw / salad vegetables like tomato, bean sprouts, cucumber slice, and usually this along with rice/soy sauce. I stay hydrated but admit I don't drink much water because of the flavour...so I'll have more juice, try to stay with natural, and tea/coffee. But, does plain water help with this problem, more than other liquids?

Thanks so much!
Other than that - I am happy I was able to do this kickstart! Despite a few slip-ups, I'm taking everyone's advice to heart and realizing, it's not worth to beat myself up for the little things - the big picture is, we are all on a wonderful journey towards more peaceful, kind and compassionate living. Very Happy

RE: help staying 'regular'
Posted Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 7:29 PM

Yes plain old water helps. If you put fresh lemon or lime in it, it may help with the flavor. Many believe that drinking a large glass of filtered, warm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon first thing in the morning, will get things started right. But staying well hydrated with water has many other benefits as well.

As for a little more help, cherries often have that effect as well as dried plums (sounds nicer than prunes, doesn't it?) and if all else fails just plain old psyllium husks whisked in water (drink fast, and don't wait or it gels) will be helpful as well.

My guess is if you haved added a lot more whole grains and veggies to your diet, you have already increased your fiber intake from the SAD. Lot of water and the above suggestions should fix things for you.

Best wishes,


Always offer kindness and a soft word to the beings around you; You do not know their journey. Your words can be the hug they need or the shove that breaks them.

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