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DAY 12: Tips from Vegan Chef Tal Ronnen

Reap the benefits of soy’s disease-fighting properties from today's Tofu Palak “Paneer.” Soy foods may reduce the risk for breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

Today’s Meal Plan and Recipes: Indian Day from Kickstart India Menu

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A Message from Tal Ronnen

Tal Ronnenleft quoteBy now, you know the definition of “vegan,” but here’s how I like to put it: Being vegan means eating everything in the world except animal products. There’s a whole world of vegan cooking that’s rich and delicious—but without the fat and cholesterol of your favorite meaty meals. To keep your new diet interesting and varied, find inspiration in new recipe books, good vegetarian restaurants, and new vegan friends.right quote

For a few of my nutrition tips, visit my Kickstart page >



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