21-Day Vegan Kickstart

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DAY 13: Let the Love-Powered Diet Heal You!

Feel cool and refreshed with today’s DIY smoothie! Blending fruits and vegetables in a blender keeps all the fiber in the drink, which is great for you! If you use a juicer, save the fiber that gets ejected and use it for soup. Never waste the fiber—most people don’t get nearly enough.

Today’s Meal Plan and Recipes

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A Message from Victoria Moran

Victoria Moranleft quoteAs you’ll soon discover, eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet will enliven your inner love and provide peace. Spend the day looking inward and becoming aware of your unconditional love for yourself and your health. This will make a profound impact on how you treat your body and soul. Inner changes include the ability to make positive, loving food choices. No matter what your body size, choose foods that express love for yourself and the world in general, including nonhuman animals and the environment. Eat, love, and live.right quote

For a few of my nutrition tips, visit my Kickstart page >

Susan Says: Whole grains are often stripped of their fiber, fat, and protein to make them more shelf-stable in foods such as white rice and white bread. Stick to whole grains and reap the advantages of their natural goodness.

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