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DAY 16: Marco Regil Tells You How to Find the Fountain of Youth

To avoid temptation, make sure that you always have plenty of healthy snacks available. Fruits are great snacks! Load up on oranges, apples, or dried fruit. They keep all week and are easy to stash in your desk drawer at work for a quick pick-me-up or to fuel up before your evening work out!

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A Message from Marco Regil

Marco Regilleft quote I always tell people that the fountain of youth does exist! It not so much a fountain, but the food you put on your plate. In Mexico, food is an important part of our culture, and eating two portions of everything is commonplace. But by my teenage years, I began to struggle with my weight. And well into my TV career, it was suggested that I wear body slimming garments. That’s when I found out about the health benefits of a vegan diet. I’ve now found a way to be healthy, enjoy delicious foods from my culture, and be slim and trim for TV. right quote

For a few of my nutrition tips, visit my Kickstart page >

Susan Says
Are oranges, with 97 milligrams of vitamin C in one large piece of fruit, your go-to food for vitamin C? Great choice, but remember, an equal serving of green, red, and yellow peppers have 131, 209, and 341 milligrams of vitamin C, respectively.

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