21-Day Vegan Kickstart

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DAY 2: Tips from NBA Superstar John Salley!

Watch What’s In and What’s Out to find out the dos and don'ts of the Kickstart. Then watch PCRM's Block Diabetes public service announcement to find out from John Salley how to fight diabetes by making healthful food choices.

Today’s Meal Plan and Recipes

“Block Diabetes!” Featuring John Salley

“Block Diabetes!” features four-time NBA champion John Salley of the Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons, and Chicago Bulls. In PCRM's color TV and print public service announcement, Salley tells readers how they can fight diabetes by making healthful food choices. Learn more at BlockDiabetes.org.

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A Message from John Salley

John Salleyleft quote

As a four-time NBA champion with the Detroit Pistons, the Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers, I know a thing or two about staying on top of my game. For me, that means embracing a true vegetarian diet (no dairy, no egg products) to keep my body energized and healthy. Succeeding as a champion in the game of life takes plenty of nutritious fuel for the mind and body. Grab this opportunity with both hands-your health and happiness depends on it.right quote

For a few of my nutrition tips, visit my Kickstart page >

Susan Says
Cooking greens is easy, and the nutrients are abundant. Some greens have tougher stems- collards, kale, and chard-and it may be preferable to remove them before cooking. Others have stems that cook tender: spinach, watercress, and turnip greens. Adding a little lemon juice or vinegar to your cooked greens makes some of the nutrients even more bioavailable.

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