21-Day Vegan Kickstart


myKickstart Health Tracker: Track weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more


21-Day Vegan Kickstart iPhone app

21-Day Vegan Kickstart iPhone app

21-Day Vegan Kickstart iPhone app



Use these resources whenever you need to give your diet a kickstart!

myKickstart Health Tracker

The myKickstart Health Tracker helps participants keep track of weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, A1c, and more. Sign up for the Kickstart each month, and use the new health tracker to monitor your success throughout the year.




21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart Book
In 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health, PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., shows you how a plant-based diet will help you drop pounds, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and improve blood sugar—in just three weeks. He also provides three weeks of recipes, nutrition information, and cooking tips, as well as inspiration from celebrities, including a foreword by Alicia Silverstone, tips from Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper, and advice from NBA champion John Salley. Purchase 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart at PCRM Marketplace.



FREE Kickstart iPhone App
Download the Kickstart iPhone app today. The Kickstart app includes all of the recipes in the original Kickstart meal plan, many of which include mouthwatering step-by-step photos, as well as daily tips. The app can be used as a companion to the online 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. The app is meant to be downloaded at any time and does not necessarily correspond with the online Kickstart schedule. On the first day you use the app, you’ll get the first week’s recipes. On the eighth day, you’ll get the next week’s recipes. And on the 15th day, you’ll get the final week’s recipes. Once the final week’s recipes are available, you’ll always have access to all of the recipes. Download the Kickstart iPhone app today.


Food for Life 90-Day Journal
Food for Life 90-Day Journal will help you make the benefits of a plant-based diet part of your regular lifestyle. This portable spiral notebook allows you to keep a daily of record of fiber intake and physical activity. Additional features include a seven-day sample menu, 22 recipes, tips for breaking food cravings, pantry suggestions, how to track your fiber intake and body mass index, nutritional guidance, recommended resources, and plenty of inspiration from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Purchase Food for Life 90-Day Journal at PCRM Marketplace.


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