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Mugging for Facebook with a Dead Cat: Dissection Brings out the Worst in California Students
06/26/12 - At PCRM, we have long shared the concern that dissection labs in schools promote callousness toward animals. Ample proof of this recently showed up on Facebook posts from students at Newport Harbor High School in California. Pictures, taken inside an anatomy classroom, showed students mugging and smiling as they held up dead, mutilated cat carcasses. more >

The Future Is Now in Medical Training: PCRM Shows Congress the Power of Medical Simulation
06/22/12 - PCRM’s Elizabeth Kucinich and Noah Gittell have been educating Congress and working to pass the BEST Practices Act, a bill that phases in advanced medical simulation technology to replace animal use. I’ve asked Elizabeth and Noah to share with you the latest from Capitol Hill. more >

Cosmetics Companies Need to Come Clean About Animal Testing
06/21/12 - There’s an ugly truth behind many cosmetics: animal testing. Thousands of rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats suffer in toxicology tests—like skin irritation tests—for personal care products and their ingredients each year. PCRM’s new Come Clean campaign asks companies to let us know if they perform these tests, so we can help them transition to superior, cruelty-free alternatives. more >

No Summer Vacation for School Lunch Reformers
06/15/12 - School’s out for summer. But those of us working to reform unhealthful school lunches aren’t taking a break. Next week, director James Costa will be on Capitol Hill for a screening of the brilliant new documentary Lunch Hour: America’s School Lunch Program, and I’m looking forward to being part of the discussion after the screening. If you’re in the D.C. area, please join us. more >

The Fight for Truly Happy Kids Meals Is Just Beginning
06/12/12 - Disney’s decision to ban junk food ads is a step in the right direction, but the fight to make kids meals healthier has only just begun. more >

Vegan Boxer Wins Welterweight Title
06/10/12 - Tim Bradley used a vegan diet to power his victory in a welterweight championship fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas June 9. more >

Mr. President, Leave Product Placement to Hollywood
06/04/12 - The president never lit up a cigarette during White House photo ops. It’s time now to recognize that more cancers are caused by food choices than by tobacco and to stop giving product placement to the enemy. Please sign our petition and let the White House know what you think. more >

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