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Paula Deen Museum: Offer Diabetes Education
05/29/13 - A Paula Deen museum is underway at Paula Deen’s childhood home in Albany, Ga. Caroline Trapp, a nurse practitioner and director of diabetes education and care at the Physicians Committee, hopes the Paula Deen museum café will preserve Ms. Deen’s legacy by showcasing diabetes-fighting recipes. more >

Water Wings and Chicken Wings Both Covered in Poop
05/26/13 - Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer fun. Americans are kicking off the season with swimming pools, barbecue, and the secret summer ingredient: feces. more >

Watch: Power Foods on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
05/24/13 - Today, I discussed foods that help you sleep and other power foods on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. more >

Golden Arches Facing Golden Opportunity
05/24/13 - McDonald’s recently made the decision to trim down its menu from a hefty 145 items. So far they’ve jumped from the fat into the fire by nixing the Fruit and Walnut Salad and adding three Quarter Pounders, loaded with cheese and bacon. more >

Farm Bill Should Ensure a Healthier America. Here's How.
05/23/13 - As the battle over the Farm Bill is shaping up, more people are awakening to the fact that we need to make the nation’s health a priority. more >

Blocked Pipes? Check for a Big Mac Blockage
05/13/13 - A McDonald’s in Montreal was discharging grease that clogged sewers. Nearly half of Americans ingest the same type of grease that congested Dorval’s sewers. more >

Gov. Chris Christie: Try Plant-Based Postop Prescription
05/09/13 - A plant-based diet can help New Jersey Governor Chris Christie maintain a healthful lifestyle following his weight-loss surgery. more >

New York Elementary School Swaps Hot Dogs for Hummus
05/07/13 - Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., director of nutrition education for the Physicians Committee, applauds New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley for the city’s most recent public health initiative: meatless meals in New York City Public School 244. more >

Feces Stops Shoppers from Gobbling Turkey
05/04/13 - Turkey has joined the ranks of heavily contaminated meat products, according to new Consumer Reports testing which confirms that over half of turkey is tainted with fecal bacteria. more >

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