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KFC’s New Menu: Brains and Veggie Burgers
January 8, 2013

Ibrahim Langoo's Facebook picture of KFC "brain"

Ibrahim Langoo's Facebook picture of brain-like organ he found in his KFC meal.

A man in England found out the hard way that KFC is now serving brains—or maybe kidney. As Ibrahim Langoo was eating his KFC meal he discovered a brain-like organ.

KFC analyzed the photos Langoo posted on Facebook and says, “It appears from a photograph that unfortunately on this occasion a kidney, and not a brain as claimed, was not removed in the preparation process.” Makes you wonder what else is not removed during chicken preparation.

Lagoo says he will now only eat chicken at home where he can see how it’s prepared. But he might not know he’s eating something even more disgusting. PCRM found that nearly half the chicken products marketed by national brands and sold in supermarkets are contaminated with chicken feces. Cooking the chicken does nothing to remove the feces from the ingested product.

There’s no secret to what’s in any chicken recipe: definitely cholesterol, possibly brains or kidney, and most likely chicken feces that may contain round worms, hair worms, tape worms, leftover bits of whatever insects or larvae the chickens have eaten, and the usual fecal components of digestive juices and various chemicals that the chicken was in the process of excreting.

What can KFC do to improve its image? It’s a no-brainer. Offer more of the veggie burgers and veggie options it sells in its Indian franchises.


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