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PCRM Online April 2012

PCRM Online
 April 2012 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

News and Campaign Updates

Hot dogs cause butt cancerWatch Your Butts, Hot Dog Fans
Baseball fans eat more than 22 million hot dogs at ballparks during baseball season. PCRM's new “Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer” billboard outside of Marlins Park in Miami warns opening-day attendees that hot dogs can damage their health. The blunt language was prompted by a survey showing that 39 percent of Americans do not know what the colon is. View Billboard >


Show Congress Benefits of Trauma Training SimulatorsBlood, Breakable Bones Show Congress Benefits of Trauma Training Simulators
A bleeding soldier screamed in pain. But he was actually an actor wearing a Cut Suit with artificial blood and reusable organs. The suit allows trainees to perform lifesaving procedures while interacting with a human. It was one of the devices at a recent PCRM event that showed Congress how replacing animals with simulators can improve the military’s care of wounded service members. Event Photos >

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Worst School Breakfasts Pink Slime and Ham: School Meal Disasters
Pink slime and ham sounds like one of Dr. Seuss’ concoctions. But it’s what schools across the country are serving to children. PCRM’s new Five Worst School Breakfasts report and our pink slime letter to First Lady Michelle Obama reveal the unhealthful details. Nutrition Shockers >


Victory for Ferrets in WashingtonVictory for Ferrets in Washington; Cats Need Help at University of Virginia
Ferrets will no longer have breathing tubes repeatedly forced down their throats at the University of Washington. Thanks to PCRM, our members, and local activists, the university will now use medical simulators to teach future pediatricians endotracheal intubation. But cats at the University of Virginia still need your help. Take Action >

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Marco Regil for 21 Day Vegan KickstartAll-New Recipes and New Celebs Join 21-Day Vegan Kickstart
The latest 21-Day Vegan Kickstart began on Monday with an all-new meal plan that’s got something for everyone. The completely revised three-week menu includes gluten-free recipes and meals from PCRM’s Kickstart India and China programs. The Kickstart also has two new international celebrity coaches who share their favorite recipes. New Celebs >


Test your nutrition knowledgeSo You Think You Know Nutrition? Test Yourself!
Does a Big Mac or an egg have more cholesterol? Does fish have more or less fiber than beef? PCRM recently commissioned a survey that asked these and nine other questions to assess the public’s knowledge of nutrition issues. Take the Quiz >


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The San Diego Union-Tribune prints op-ed on military's use of animals by PCRM member doctor Richard McLellan

Boulder’s Daily Camera prints letter on dangers of red meat by PCRM chief medical officer Ulka Agarwal, M.D.

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