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 August 2009 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

News and Campaign Updates

PCRM's hot dog billboardHot Dogs Strike Out at All-Star Game and in New Jersey
“Warning: Hot Dogs Can Strike You Out—For Good.” That’s the message thousands of baseball fans saw on the Cancer Project’s provocative highway billboard as they flocked to the 2009 All-Star Game. Days later, the nonprofit filed a lawsuit in New Jersey asking hot dog manufacturers for a similar warning on product packaging. Lawsuit Coverage Goes Viral > 

caged dogVictory for Dogs in New Orleans and Pigs in Canada
Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Many tales of its aftermath are heartbreaking. But some are inspiring. The story of the dogs used and killed to train medical students at Louisiana State University School of Medicine is both. Save Vanderbilt’s Animals >

Actor Tobey MaguireActor Tobey Maguire Joins the Healthy School Lunch Revolution
As Spider-Man, he defeated the Green Goblin and Sandman. But in his latest role, actor Tobey Maguire is taking on an even bigger threat to public health—unhealthy school lunches. In July, the father of two young children sent letters to congressional leaders asking that the Child Nutrition Act provide more healthy vegetarian options in school lunches. More Vegetarian Options > 

caged monkeyMonkey Farm Could Prove Catastrophic to Public Health 
A proposed primate-breeding facility in the Puerto Rican city of Guayama could endanger public health and pose serious risks to the island’s environment. On July 22, PCRM joined an international coalition of nonprofit health and animal protection organizations to ask Puerto Rico to halt the construction. Environmental Risks >

healthy coupleGet Ready to Kickstart Your Health with PCRM on Sept. 8
Whether you’re drawn to chocolate, cookies, potato chips, cheese, or burgers and fries, everyone has foods they can’t seem to resist—foods that sabotage your best efforts to lose weight and improve your health. But PCRM's Vegan Kickstart will help you win the food fight. Kickstart Benefits >

ratPCRM Presents Humane Testing Alternatives to Global Scientific Community
It’s been 50 years since the “3 Rs”—refinement, reduction, and replacement of animals in science—were proposed. But scientists continue to conduct cruel and irrelevant experiments, killing millions of animals. At the Seventh World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, held later this month in Rome, PCRM scientists will propose humane, human-relevant alternatives. Influence Nonanimal Legislation >

rabbitInvest in a Humane Stock Market
We've been in a bear market. And you remember the bull market. But what about a rat or rabbit market: a market in which companies that are trading stocks are not trading on cruelty to animals? PCRM is working on a campaign to require several publicly held pharmaceutical companies to implement policies designed to replace animal testing. PCRM Needs Stockholders’ Help >


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The New York Times prints letter by PCRM scientific adviser Nancy Beck, Ph.D., about testing chemicals on animals

Louisiana newspaper prints letter by Cancer Project nutritionist Krista Haynes, R.D., on the benefits of a vegetarian Mediterranean diet

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