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You Could Be PCRM Facebook Fan 2,009 in '09

PCRM is making New Year’s resolutions—including staying in touch with our many PCRM acquaintances and finding more PCRM fans. Friends like you can help us keep our resolutions by visiting the PCRM Facebook page. We have nearly 1,000 Facebook fans, but in 2009 we’d like you or one of your friends to be our 2,009th Facebook fan.

FacebookIf you are already a friend of PCRM—whether you get our weekly recipe e-mails or you are a member who receives Good Medicine—great! But don’t just be a friend—become a PCRM Facebook fan. Many PCRM members and nonmembers have made the switch from friend to fan. Facebook is free and a great place to meet other people who are participating in PCRM’s successes in nutrition reform and ending animal testing.

Cynthia recently became a Facebook fan and says, “New fan here, but not new to PCRM. I’m a vegan and I’m looking forward to being a public health student in the fall. This is such a wonderful, informative organization!” And Heather, a cardiologist and PCRM member, raves, “I'm a huge fan of your work! I give your Vegetarian Starter Kit pamphlets to my patients.”

If you are not a PCRM Facebook fan, you might be missing out on:

  • Connecting with nearly 1,000 other PCRM Facebook fans—from the United States and Mexico to Jordan and Belgium
  • Helping to end unnecessary, cruel deaths of animals used in medical training classes
  • Getting behind the scenes photos from events like Skinny Bitch on Capitol Hill
  • Signing petitions to President-elect Barack Obama
  • Answering poll questions like: “What do you think of vegetarians?”
  • Influencing the USDA nutrition policy
  • Learning more about PCRM Facebook fans like Vegan Cyclist and Tofu Cat

So join the PCRM Facebook community today. And since your friends are as cool as you are, forward this page to them and ask them to become a PCRM Facebook fan.


PCRM Online, December 2008

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