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 December 2009 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

News and Campaign Updates

chimpLawmakers' Empathy for Chimpanzees Is Contagious
Contagious yawning is a sign of empathy—and not just among humans. A recent study observed that chimpanzees yawn when they see another chimpanzee yawning. The same study found that emotions are contagious, too. Recently, more than 30 members of Congress proved that. They were persuaded by PCRM and its supporters to co-sponsor the Great Ape Protection Act. Now the act has more than 100 co-sponsors. Chimpanzees in Japan >


John SalleyNBA Champion Visits Congress to Urge Child Nutrition Act Reform
Children dream big. Many want to be basketball stars or celebrity chefs or members of Congress. But the opportunity to grow up healthy shouldn’t be just a dream. That’s why NBA basketball star John Salley went to Capitol Hill last month to explain why healthy school meals are so important. Celeb Chef Cooks > 


PCRM’s Toxicity Testing Campaign Could Save Millions of Animals
Congress is holding hearings to discuss revisions to the Toxic Substances Control Act. But if lawmakers don't embrace modern testing methods, millions of animals may be killed in toxicity tests that are designed to gather information on the potential hazards of chemicals to humans, but often fail. Last month, PCRM submitted testimony before the House to outline a solution for effective chemical regulation that would prevent animal suffering and better protect humans and the environment. PCRM's New >


Alicia SilverstoneNew Year’s 21-Day Nutrition Program Features Celebrity Counselors
Millions of people will start diets on New Year’s Day. But many of those weight-loss plans aren’t healthy or sustainable. That’s why PCRM physicians and dietitians are teaming up with Hollywood celebritie, star athletes, and one of Oprah’s favorite chefs to launch the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. The online program will provide all the support you need to start 2010 with a healthy plant-based diet. Celeb Lineup > 


squirrel monkeyNASA's Monkey Experiments: One Giant Leap Backward
NASA astronauts aboard space shuttle Atlantis tweeted from space for the first time last month. But just as NASA was making advances in social networking, it was setting its animal welfare policy back decades. The space agency announced plans to expose squirrel monkeys to radiation in an attempt to understand the effects of interplanetary travel. PCRM asked NASA to halt its plan. Previous NASA Monkey Deaths >


family in airport terminalDetroit Flies High in Airport Food Review
Holiday travelers with layovers in Detroit, San Francisco, Phoenix, and other busy hubs will easily find healthful, cholesterol-free vegetarian meals, according to PCRM’s 2009 Airport Food Review. The report also finds that all three airports serving the nation’s capital—Dulles International, Washington National, and Baltimore/Washington International—are among the lowest-ranking airports for healthful options. Most Improved Airport >


pigTaxpayers Unwittingly Fund Animal Cruelty
Pigs at North Dakota State University didn’t have anything to be thankful for this November. PCRM asked Gov. John Hoeven to help permanently pardon pigs from the university’s trauma training course last month. But despite this request—and thousands of dollars in fines for previous animal welfare violations—the university continued to allow tubes and needles to be inserted into the chest cavities and hearts of live pigs. Cost to Taxpayers >


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