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 July 2009 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

News and Campaign Updates

Monkey used in military trainingMonkeys Poisoned, Goats Maimed in Gruesome Military Training
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer calls it a growing controversy. Last month, The Situation Room aired military videos obtained by PCRM through the Freedom of Information Act that reveal the unlawful use of live animals for medical training. But Congress and PCRM are asking the military to switch from these inhumane exercises to nonanimal teaching methods. Watch graphic footage > 

Wyntergrace Williams50,000 Sign Petition Asking for Vegetarian School Lunches
More than 50,000 of you signed the Healthy School Lunch Petition. You let Congress know that bad food is unfair to students and can risk their health. You told your representatives that students deserve healthy options—more fruits, vegetables, vegetarian meals, and nondairy beverages. And last month, your signatures were presented on Capitol Hill. But the petition needs 50,000 more signatures. What you can do >

Emily DeschanelActress Joins PCRM Campaign to Save Great Apes
Traumatized victims in metal cages the size of kitchen tables. Emily Deschanel’s character on FOX’s Bones uncovers fictional scenes like this every week. But this isn’t fiction. It’s happening to more than 1,000 chimpanzees kept in laboratories across the United States. So last week, Deschanel asked Congress to put an end to this abuse. Chimps’ self-mutilating behaviors > 

Healthy kidHow to Beat the High Cost of Childhood Obesity
Billions of taxpayer dollars are spent fighting the obesity epidemic each year. But fruits and vegetables would better stimulate the healthy growth of our nation’s children. At PCRM’s National Conference on Childhood Obesity, top scientists and policy experts shared research and proposed unique solutions to the childhood obesity epidemic. Read Twitter coverage >

Washington Councilwoman Mary ChehWashington, D.C., Politician and Breast Cancer Survivor Supports Humane Seal
It’s been decades since the “war on cancer” was launched. But breast cancer continues to kill tens of thousands of women every year, despite the billions of dollars spent on animal experiments. Fortunately, some charities are leading the way to more effective, human-centered research. In May, a Washington politician joined the Humane Seal in supporting one of these charities in its nonanimal research. Animal-testing funders >

PigletVictory in Alabama! Simulator Replaces Live Pigs in Trauma Training Course
Independence Day came early this year for pigs in Alabama. Just four days after PCRM wrote to ask the University of South Alabama to stop killing pigs in its trauma training course, the university contacted PCRM to learn about superior nonanimal methods. In the latest course, instructors used the TraumaMan System instead of live pigs. Programs that still use and kill animals >


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