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The Washington Post Covers Dr. Barnard’s New Blog

Dr. Barnard’s Blog launched this spring. And already, The Washington Post has covered it, and thousands of people shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Dr. Barnard's BlogIf you’re not one of the thousands sharing and reading Dr. Barnard’s Blog, you missed this excerpt from his post titled “Power to the Plate: Food Subsidies Should Reflect New USDA Dietary Advice” that was quoted in The Washington Post:

“But for taxpayers and members of Congress, the new plate has a special significance. There’s a stark contrast between the USDA’s plate and federal food subsidies. While the USDA’s plate encourages fruit and vegetable consumption and advises Americans to limit high-fat products like meat and cheese, federal agriculture subsidies do exactly the opposite: They spend billions of dollars promoting production of high-fat, high-calorie food products.”

And here’s just a sampling of what else you missed in June:

Time to Reform Chemical Testing: Animals Out, Better Methods In
In a new article in Toxicology in Vitro, PCRM toxicologists lay out how legislation can encourage the development of better methods that would help replace the use of animals. Read more >

New Study Supports Plant-Based Diets for Weight Loss, Overall Nutrition
Vegetarian diets are not just better for weight management, they are more nutritious than diets that include meat, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Read more >

Tox21 Robotic System Could End Animal Use in Chemical Testing
Chemical testing can kill thousands of animals per test, including rodents, rabbits, and dogs. However, a new nonanimal testing method could change that. Read more >

To Tackle Heart Disease, Diet Changes Beat Drugs Any Day
So rather than hope for more and better drugs to combat a disease that is largely caused by diet and lifestyle, it is time to address the causes directly. Read more >

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