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  May 2006

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

News and Campaign Updates
Pleasurable Kingdom

New Book Explores Animal Emotions
In laboratories, animals are treated essentially like medical supplies. They are shipped in, studied, and disposed of. But increasingly, scientists are coming to understand the complexities of animals' psychological and social lives. In a new book, PCRM ethologist Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D., explores animals' capacity for happiness. Learn more >

T. Colin Campbell

Nutrition Researcher, Vegan Athletes Promote Healthy Diets to Congress
Members of Congress and their staffs got a lesson in nutrition when PCRM visited the Capitol with healthy Asian food, a leading nutrition researcher, and two vegan athletes. As Congress geared up to debate Sen. Tom Harkin’s Child Nutrition Promotion and School Lunch Protection Act, PCRM hosted a Congressional briefing to educate policy-makers about Congress’ role in helping America get healthy. Learn more >

Reform the March of Dimes video

PCRM Seeks to Reform the March of Dimes
During April and May, the March of Dimes (MOD) sponsors WalkAmerica charity walks in hundreds of cities across the country. This year, PCRM hopes that many walkers will learn that the MOD has yet to take a stand against cruel and unnecessary animal experiments. How you can help >

school lunch

PCRM Seeks Nominees for 2006 Golden Carrot Awards
Does your child come home from school raving about the veggie burger or three-bean chili she had for lunch? Not likely. Most schools still offer little more than cheese pizza, burgers, and similar fare. But a few schools do, in fact, serve healthful food, including vegetarian options. To recognize these food service leaders, PCRM is again seeking nominations for its annual Golden Carrot Awards. Learn more >

Monica Smith

Thank You: Monica Smith
Monica Smith has been a member of PCRM for just a few months, but she has already gone the extra mile to help us get our message out. After reading about our TV public service announcements (PSAs) in an issue of Good Medicine, Smith made phone calls that led to the PSA “Dangerous” being aired over 19,000 times in the Connecticut area. How you can help >

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