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Kickstart’s Second Anniversary Celebration: Join Us Sept. 5

The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart has become a worldwide phenomenon since it started just two years ago in September 2009. Join PCRM on Sept. 5 for the second anniversary of the online program that started it all.

Since 2009, more than 150,000 people participated in the online program. The Kickstart iPhone app has been downloaded 150,000 times. Millions saw Dr. Barnard in Kickstart Your Health on PBS. This spring, Dr. Barnard released his book 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart. And a book tour that followed that has reached from Washington, D.C., to Texas, so far. But the Kickstart is not stopping there!

Later this month, Dr. Barnard takes the 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart book tour to Arizona and New Mexico. In September, he heads to the West Coast, including stops in San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and more.

On Sept. 5, the online 21-Day Vegan Kickstart will be running for the seventh time. You’ll get daily messages, a 21-day meal plan, motivational nutrition webcasts, social support in the community forum, an interactive vegan restaurant guide, and tips from the veteran team of celebrity coaches, including the Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper and New York Times best-selling authors Alicia Silverstone, Marilu Henner, Kris Carr, and Kathy Freston, who also coached Oprah Winfrey’s vegan challenge.

There are also some new things in store for you, including new celebrity coach Maggie Q, star of films such as Mission: Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard.

Based on scientific research, the online Kickstart program provides all the support you need to increase energy, lose weight, prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease, and reduce cancer risk.

Check out what a previous Kickstart participant had to say about the Kickstart’s heath benefits:

So after 11 weeks eating a completely plant-based diet, I had a doctor's appointment. To say the doctor was pleased would be an understatement.

Weight loss - over 25 pounds
Blood pressure - 110/70
Cholesterol - 147
Triglycerides - 155
HDL - 38
LDL - 78
Blood sugar and A1C which were borderline last year are now well within normal range.

I am coming off the cholesterol medication and she is cutting my blood pressure medication in half. She wants to see me in another 4 months to check my blood pressure again and see whether I should come off the blood pressure meds entirely.

It's mind boggling. Just 11 weeks.

To sign up today for September’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, visit

The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper

PCRM Online, August 2011

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