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February 2015 >

  • Leafy Greens in Terminal 3?
  • Kickstart Your Health Little Rock
  • International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine: Cardiovascular Disease
  • Food for Life Training 2015
  • Go Plant Based: Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

January 2015 >

  • Begin the New Year with a 21-Day Kickstart
  • VegRUN! Sign up in the New Year
  • Food for Life Classes
  • Eat the Season: 10 Recipes Using Kale

December 2014 >

  • No Carbs? No Way!
  • Stay Organized this Holiday Season!
  • Food for Life in the News
  • The Overlap Between Chronic and Infectious Diseases
  • Winter Holiday Recipes
  • Gut Flora, Diet and Health

November 2014 >

  • Thanksgiving Menu
  • Eat the Season: Pumpkin
  • Oats—It's What's for Breakfast!
  • Food for Life in the News
  • Blogs: Which to Trust?
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: JL Fields

October 2014 >

  • Ketogenic Diet: Fact or Fad?
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Gut Flora, Diet, and Health
  • Instructor Spotlight: Barbara J. Mathison
  • Healthy School Lunches
  • Food for Life in the News
  • 10 Recipes Using Sweet Potatoes

September 2014 >

  • Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
  • Food for Life at the Metropolitain Police Department
  • Vegan Gluten-Free Menu
  • Instructor Spotlight: Ajani Simmons
  • Food for Life in the News
  • Gut Flora, Diet, and Health: Part 2: Diabetes

August 2014 >

  • Gut Flora, Diet, and Health
  • Eat the Season: Peaches
  • Boulder to NYC: Meeting and Exceeding School Lunch Requirements
  • Food for Life Instructors in the Blogosphere
  • Welcoming 62 New Food for Life Affiliates
  • Food for Life in the News

July 2014 >

  • Hydrating Through Fruits and Veggies
  • UV Safety Month
  • Free Nutrition Lectures by Dr. Neal Barnard
  • Fourth of July Menu
  • Recipe of the Week
  • Passion for Compassion Hamptons Event

June 2014 >

  • Father's Day
  • Food for Life Classes at Physicians Committee Headquarters
  • Physicians Committee/AADE Scholarship Winner
  • How to Make a Hearty Vegan Sandwich
  • VegRUN!

May 2014 >

  • Enjoy the Season: Beets!
  • Support the EAT for Health and ENRICH Acts Now!
  • National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
  • National Barbecue Month
  • International Conference on Diabetes

April 2014 >

  • VegRUN Spring 2014
  • International Conference on Diabetes
  • Easter and Passover Menus
  • Eat the season, asparagus
  • Earth Day 2014

March 2014 >

  • Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • International Conference on Diabetes
  • Food for Life Summer 2014 Certification Training
  • Golden Carrot Award
  • Vegan Mayor Takes Town’s Health Into His Own Hands
  • VegRun

February 2014 >

  • February Is American Heart Month
  • Beat the Wintertime Blues with a Mood-Boosting Plant-Based Diet!
  • Eat the Season: Bok Choy
  • Summer 2014 Food for Life Training: June 18-20
  • Celebs, Congress Attend Vegetarian Caucus Luncheon
  • Food for Life in the News

January 2014 >

  • National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
  • Newly Vegan Celebrities of 2013
  • Join the Jan. 1 Kickstart
  • Dr. Barnard Wins Plant-Based Debate
  • VegRUN in the New Year

December 2013 >

  • Change Your Diet, Change Your Life
  • Holiday Recipes
  • Eat the Season: Cabbage
  • Fight the Urge to Hibernate
  • Low-Carb Low Point
  • Food for Life Classes
  • School Lunch Quantity Recipes

November 2013 >

  • American Diabetes Month
  • Eat Right! For Your Blood Type?
  • Eating to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Plant-Based Thanksgiving Menu
  • Eat the Season: Fennel
  • Food for Life Society Adds New Benefit

October 2013 >

  • Raw Material
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Fall Veggie Feature: Kohlrabi
  • No Tricks - Just Treats

September 2013 >

  • “Paleo” Diet Best Left in Caves
  • Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
  • Cholesterol Education: HDL, LDL, and How to Control It
  • Back to School Snack Solutions
  • VegRUN Spotlight: Jasmin Singer

August 2013 >

  • Food for Life: Employee Wellness Program
  • A 10-City Worksite Study Gets Employees Healthy
  • Breaking the Cheese Addiction: Step 3 Cleansing the Palate
  • FFL Neighborhood Outreach: Washington, D.C.
  • Is Fasting a Good Idea?

July 2013 >

  • Breaking the Cheese Addiction Step 2: Making New Friends
  • Summer Farmers Markets
  • Leaving Your Home, Not Your Health
  • Success Stories: Beth Perera
  • Instructor Shares Vital Nutrition Information with Kids
  • Mediterranean Diet Is Misleading Westerners

June 2013 >

  • Food for Life Father’s Day Inspiration
  • Fete Your Father with a Vegan Barbecue
  • Breaking the Cheese Addiction
  • Eat the Season: The Cherry On Top of Deliciousness
  • Food for Life Native American Program
  • Fourth Annual Masters in April Golf Tournament Benefitting PCRM
  • Join the VegRun Marathon Training Program

May 2013 >

  • Mother’s Day Brunch Menu
  • Inspiration from the Mothers of Food for Life Instructors: Gloria Huerta and Sandi Rechenmacher
  • Mother's Day Tribute
  • AMA Publishes Article on Physicians’ Responsibilities for Patients’ Nutrition
  • International Conference on Nutrition and the Brain

April 2013 >

  • Golf to Save Lives! Sign Up for the Fourth Annual Texas Golf Tournament
  • Children are Increasingly Growing to Love Their Vegetables
  • Attend the International Conference of Nutrition and the Brain
  • Cleansing Spring Menu
  • Eating for the Health of You and the Earth

March 2013 >

  • Summer 2013 Food for Life Application Deadline is March 29!
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Kendra Julian-Baker
  • A Plant-Powered Prescription
  • Food for Life Instructors in the Blogosphere
  • Going Green Menu for March

February 2013 >

  • NEW Food for Life Summer Training Dates: June 26-28, 2013
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Phil Eherenman
  • My Success Story: More Plant Foods, Less Pain
  • Heart-Healthy Menu for February, American Heart Month!
  • Food for Life in the News

January 2013 >

  • Inspiration from Food for Life Instructors
  • Diabetes Dilemma: Unlocking the Solution for 100 Million Americans
  • Monthly 21-Day Kickstart Programs Begin Jan. 1! New Biometrics Feature Available
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Elizabeth Federman
  • Share Your Story and Inspire Others
  • More Plants on Your Plate for 2013!

December 2012 >

  • Food for Life Program Welcomes 20 New Faces
  • New Kickstart Biometrics Help You Track Your Health Beginning Jan. 1
  • Make a Vegan Resolution for 2013
  • Physician Trades Scalpel for Spatula
  • New Year, New You Health Immersion in Texas
  • Has a Plant-Based Diet Changed Your Life?

October 2012 >

  • Spanish-Language-Only Kickstart Launched by PCRM on Oct. 1
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Mona Sigal
  • PCRM Vegan Recipe Wins Blue Ribbon at Applefest
  • There is Still time to Join PCRM's VegRun
  • Diabetes Linked to Higher Risk of Breast Cancer

September 2012 >

  • Oct. 4-6, 2012—The Weekend that Will Change Your Life!
  • August Food for Life Training and Seminar a Success
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Susan Lavelle
  • Bottled Lightning: Food for Life Training
  • Red and Processed Meats Increase the Risk of Stroke

August 2012 >

  • Kickstart Your Health in October
  • VOTE: Wednesday Deadline to Help PCRM Win $25,000
  • One Week Left to Apply! Teach the Food for Life Program
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Kathryn Lorusso
  • Another Food for Life Success Story
  • Anthocyanin Intake Decreases Type 2 Diabetes Risk

June 2012 >

  • Registration Now Open for the Food for Life Seminar on Aug. 10 in Nation’s Capital
  • New CME Program Available Now on
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Nancy Lyons
  • Father’s Day BBQ Menu
  • Food for Life in the News
  • Can You Make It As A Vegetarian Athlete?
  • Food for Life Class Listings

March 2012 >

  • Golf to Save Lives! Sign Up for the Third Annual Texas Golf Tournament
  • Health Care Professionals: Earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits Online for Free!
  • Going Green Menu: Bring in Spring on Your Plate
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Sapna Von Reich
  • Vegetarian Diets Improve Mood and Lower Stress

February 2012 >

  • Two Weeks Left to Apply: Become a Food for Life Instructor!
  • Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Menu
  • Kickstart Your Health: New Food for Life Classes Focus on Losing Weight in a Healthful Way
  • Food for Life in the News: 55-Year-Old Man Loses 40 Pounds on Kickstart
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Jonathan Gaxiola
  • Diet and Cancer Research Update

January 2012 >

  • Year-End Matching Gift Challenge
  • Mark Your Calendars: Food for Life Training May 9-11
  • New Year, New Me Menu: Recipes for a Healthier You
  • Bring in a Healthier New Year with PCRM’s Next 21-Day Vegan Kickstart
  • Food for Life in the News
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Joanne Irwin
  • Diet and Cancer Research Update

December 2011 >

  • The Food for Life Program Continues to Grow
  • Holiday Menu: Simple, Delicious, Veg-Friendly Dishes
  • Holiday Gifts that Save Lives
  • Shop to Support PCRM
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight
  • Food for Life in the News
  • Diet and Cancer Research Update

November 2011 >

  • Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

  • Running for Our Health

  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Lisa Dahlmeier

  • Thanksgiving Menu: Tasty, Comforting Meals for a Veg-Friendly Holiday

  • Food for Life in the News

September 2011 >

  • Join PCRM’s 21-Day Vegan Kickstart
  • Teach Plant-Based Nutrition and Cooking Classes
  • Labor Day Grilling Menu
  • PCRM’s Healthy School Lunches Seeks Golden Carrot Nominees
  • Former President Bill Clinton Goes Veg
  • Whole Food Nutrition for a Cancer-Free Lifestyle
  • Diet and Ovarian Cancer
  • New!

July 2011 >

  • Coming This Fall: The Food for Life New Instructor Training
  • Salads to Support The Cancer Project
  • July 4th Menu 
  • Keeping Your Bones Healthy in the Summertime
  • MadCity VegFest Gains Recognition
  • Diet and Cancer in the News
  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

May 2011 >

  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month
  • New! Food for Life 90-Day Journal
  • Food for Life Instructor Spotlight: Veg Moms Spill the Beans
  • Mother’s Day Comfort Foods Menu
  • Vegan Diet Reduces Breast Cancer Risk
  • Food for Life Moving to Jamaica
  • Diet and Cancer in the News
  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

April 2011 >

  • Expanding Outreach Efforts
  • Mushrooms for Cancer Prevention & Survival  
  • 21 Day Vegan Kickstart 
  • Easter & Passover Brunch Menu
  • Honor a Someone Special with a Tribute Gift
  • Diet and Cancer in the News
  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

February 2011 >

  • Bring the Food for Life Program to Your Community
  • Survivor Story Highlight: Kris Carr
  • PCRM Membership
  • Heart Healthy Valentine’s Menu
  • Diet and Cancer in the News
  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

November 2010>

  • StayClassy Classy Award Winner
  • The Cancer Project Speaks at New York VegFest 2010
  • Survivor Story Highlight: Marlene Marcello
  • Thanksgiving Meal Plan
  • Diet and Cancer in the News
  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

October 2010>

  • Book Angels Needed to Bring the Guide to Libraries
  • Food for Life for Kids Makes Healthy Food Fun
  • New Recipe of the Week!
  • Diet and Cancer in the News
  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

September 2010>

  • Special Tribute to David P. Tenberg

  • PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Begins on Sept. 6

  • Community Fundraising Events Raise Awareness

  • USDA Nutrition Guidelines Are Changing

  • Diet and Cancer in the News

  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

July 2010>

  • Party for Life in Mystic, Conn.
  • Paint with a Purpose to Benefit Cancer Project
  • Educational Alliance Partner Highlight
  • Diet and Cancer in the News
  • New Food for Life Cooking Classes

Winter 2008>

  • Keep Your Weight-Loss Resolution with a Vegetarian Diet
  • ‘Crash Course’ Hits the Airwaves
  • Deborah Pace Shares Her Story In Memory of Her Daughter
  • Red and Processed Meat Consumption Significantly Increases Cancer Risk
  • Calcium, Dairy Products, and Prostate Cancer Incidence

Fall 2007>

  • Cancer Specialists Call for Changes to Federal Food Policy
  • Top Medical Researchers Offer Information for Attendees and Amateurs Alike
  • Vegetables and Fruits Double Breast Cancer Survival Rates
  • Western Diet Impairs Colon Cancer Survival

Summer 2007>

  • Six Secrets for Health Food on the Run
  • Marilu Henner and Chef Sualua Host Cooking Demonstrations
  • Share Your Story!
  • Flavonoid Consumption May Decrease Pancreatic Cancer Risk
  • Study Finds Link Between Diet and Exercise and Breast Cancer Survival

Spring 2007>

  • Ten Tips to Entice Picky Young Eaters
  • The Cancer Project Spreads Message to the South
  • Attention Health Professionals: Save the Date!
  • Broccoli Compound Helps Destroy Breast Cancer Cells
  • Fiber Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

Winter 2007>

  • Top Five Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Weight in 2007
  • A Landmark Year
  • Red Meat Increases Breast Cancer Risk
  • Obesity Decreases Ovarian Cancer Survival

Fall 2006>

  • Cancer Project Symposium a Success
  • Cooking Classes Receive Rave Reviews
  • Processed Meat Increases Stomach Cancer Risk
  • Adult Weight Gain Increases Risk for All Types of Breast Cancer

Summer 2006 >

  • World-Renowned Cancer Researchers Speak at July Symposium
  • New Research Review Links Diet and Immune Function in Cancer Prevention
  • High Cholesterol Tied to Prostate Cancer
  • Soy Food Consumption Lowers Breast Cancer Risk
  • Tribute Gifts to Honor Loved Ones
  • Save Your Place with Playful, Food-Friendly Bookmarks

Spring 2006 >

  • World-Renowned Vegan Chef Teaches Food for Life Cooking Classes
  • Study Finds Soymilk Is a Hit with Schoolchildren
  • Cancer Project Teams with General Electric, Major Hospitals
  • Dairy Products Increase Ovarian Cancer Risk
  • Why Red Meat May Lead to Colorectal Cancer

Winter 2006 >

  • Christina Cooks for The Cancer Project
    Emmy Award-Winning TV Chef Teaches Food for Life Class
  • New TV Spot Champions Healthy Vegetarian Diets
  • Fish Oil Does Not Prevent Cancer
  • Obesity Linked to the Return of Prostate Cancer
  • Alcohol Consumption Increases Cancer Risk

October 2005 >

  • Lance Armstrong Foundation Goes on Location—To The Cancer Project
  • Letter from the President
  • Vegan Diet and Lifestyle Changes Slow Prostate Cancer
  • Low-Fat Diet Improves Breast Cancer Survival
  • Fish Consumption Multiplies Prostate Cancer Risk



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