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The Healthy School Lunch Campaign is dedicated to improving the food served to children in schools by educating government and school officials, food service workers, parents, and others about the food choices best able to promote children’s current and long-term health.

Foods served in schools should promote the health of all children

The campaign’s key message: Foods served in schools should promote the health of all children.

Menus in most school lunch programs are too high in saturated fat and cholesterol and too low in fiber- and nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Major changes are needed to encourage the health of the nation’s youth and to reverse the growing trends of obesity, early-onset diabetes, and hypertension, among other chronic diseases, in children and teens.

The Healthy School Lunch Campaign encourages schools to offer more healthy low-fat, cholesterol-free options, including reimbursable meals and beverages, a la carte items, and vending machine items. The Physicians Committee Healthy School Lunch Team works with school districts across the country and organizes meetings and presentations for school boards, PTAs, and student groups. We can provide marketing materials, meal planning and recipes ideas, and other resources upon request.

If you are interested in having the Physicians Committee Healthy School Lunch Team work with your school district, start by taking these easy steps.


2014 Golden Carrot Award Winners

The Golden Carrot Awards, established in 2004, recognize food service teams doing exceptional work to improve the healthfulness of school lunches. The Physicians Committee looks for programs that encourage students to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and plant-based entrées for improved health and disease prevention.

healthy school lunches

From Boulder to NYC: Meeting and Exceeding School Lunch Requirements

On July 1, school lunch leaders from around the country spoke to a packed room of Capitol Hill staffers at a congressional briefing co-hosted by the Physicians Committee and Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo.

school lunch briefing

Is school lunch giving kids the nutrition they need to be healthy
and thrive?

Academic experts and public health professionals gathered to answer that question this week at a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by the Physicians Committee and Representative Jared Polis, D-Colo.

boy eating apple

Lunch Leaders Changing the Statistics

In recent years, many people have called for healthier school meals. But often overlooked are the real heroes: the school food service providers who, with limited budgets and less-than-ideal nutritional guidelines, are changing things for children.


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Want the Physicians Committee Healthy School Lunch Team to work with your school district? Start by taking these easy steps >

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